What is PUC Certificate? How to Gets Online Puc Certificate

What is PUC Certificate? How to Gets Online Puc Certificate

The full name of PUC is Pollution Control Certificate, as you also know that all the vehicles we use in our daily life like motor cycle, car, bus, truck etc. The smoke coming out of all these vehicles is very harmful to the environment, so the government has set a standard, so that no vehicle can spread more pollution, puc test is done for this reason, so that the vehicle which spreads more pollution. They should be detected and their pollution should be reduced and the environment can be prevented from being polluted.

The pollution of the vehicle is measured by the puc test, if the pollution is less than the set standard, then a certificate is given to it, which is the proof that your vehicle is capable of running on the road and it is less than the prescribed standard. spreading, the validity of this certificate is 6 months, after 6 months you have to get your vehicle checked again,

Let us tell you that if you have just taken a new vehicle, then you do not need to check it, because the PUC certificate also comes along with the new vehicle, whose validity can be from 6 months to 12 months.

We have already told you its full form above, but we would like to tell you again that the full form of PUC is Pollution Control Certificate.

Is it necessary to make a PUC certificate?

If you are wondering whether it is necessary to make a PUC certificate? So we would like to tell you that it is very important to get this certificate made, if you do not get this certificate made, then the traffic police can deduct your challan, apart from this, you have a valid PUC certificate to claim insurance in case of a vehicle accident. Is it necessary, if the puc certificate of your vehicle was not made during the accident? So you will not get insurance money.

Apart from this, as a responsible citizen, it is also our duty to take care of the environment. If our vehicle is spreading more pollution than necessary, then it should be reduced and save the environment from getting polluted. Old vehicles spread more pollution, apart from this, sometimes due to some fault, the vehicle also starts spreading more pollution, so we should keep getting our vehicle checked for puc every 6 months.

How to get PUC certificate Online

PUC checking facility is available at most of the registered petrol pumps, road toll taxes across India. There you can get the PUC certificate of your vehicle made. For this you will have to pay ₹ 60 to ₹ 100.

When you take your bike, car, bus etc. to the test center, they will turn on your vehicle and press its accelerator fully and check the sound coming out of the silencer, they will do this 4,5 times and take their average out of pollution Will decide
How to Download PUC Certificate Online?

If you have any valid PUC certificate? But where has he gone? So you can download it again online. For this you just need to have your puc certificate registration number.

Follow the steps given below to download PUC certificate

Step-1: First of all go to the website of

parivahan.gov.in by clicking here.

Step-2: Select PUCC by clicking on Online Services here.

Step-3: Then such a page will open.

Step-1: First click on PUC Certificate here, after that the same page will open in front of you, as you can see in the image above.

Step-2: Here enter the registration number of the certificate.

Step-3: Enter the Chassis Number of your vehicle here.

Step-4: Enter the code shown in the image here.

Step-5: Click on PUC Detail.

After that your PUC certificate will appear in front of you, which will have complete details of your vehicle. You can get it printed through a printer.

To Get Online PUC Plz Click Here

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