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Are you the type of person who dreads receiving your electricity bill every month? It can be daunting to maintain a budget when you’re not sure how much your utilities will cost each month.
While it’s usually easy to blame your provider for hiking up rates, your bill is actually much more likely to be high because of your usage. To help you start saving money, we’ve identified a few of the culprits behind high household power usage and reminders for how to lower your rate of use.

Calculating the energy cost of an appliance or electronic device is fairly easy. Most devices have a label that lists how many watts it uses, either on the device or in the owner’s manual.

You will need to find this number to figure out how much the appliance is costing you. You will also need to estimate how many hours a day you use a particular appliance.

This one’s easy. Upgrade your appliances with new energy-efficient models. A new energy-efficient refrigerator, for example, uses about four times less electricity than an older mode

You can even get a new model with a retro design to keep your kitchen trendy.

Knowing this, you can strategically limit your use of appliances during these peak times. If you can, do some of your typical evening chores during the middle of the day or later at night to take advantage of the lower rates. Put your dishwasher on a delay to run overnight, for instance. Your electric bill will thank you.

Calculate Your Bill From Gujarat’s Company like PGVCL, DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCL

Calculate Your Electricity Bill from your Consumption

Now you can Calculate RGPR/RGPU bill for 4 Months

DPC Calculation Option Added

Detail Bill View Option Added

Calculate Electricity Bill From Gujarat’s Company like PGVCL,DGVCL,MGVCL,UGVCL

More Categories Added for Calculation

Calculate Your Electricity Bill from Meter Reading

DPC Calculation Option Added- Detail Bill View Option Added- More Categories Added for Calculation.

App Features

New UI Design. Different Categories to Calculate Bill. DPC Calculation- App is now supported the Gujarati Language- Know Your Bill Charges- A1 (Fix) Bill Calculation- Bill Calculation- Category included in-app for Calculation- RGP – Rural (RGPR)- RGP – Urban (RGPU)- NRGP- LTMD- AG – Fix (A1)- AG – A2, A3, Electricity Bill Calculator is an app to calculate electricity bills based on the consumption of units.

This is an app build for the Customer and Employees for know the bill amount.

This app is Calculate Bill Offline and no internet access required.

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