SSA E Content For Online Education Std 5 To 8

SSA E Content For Online Education Std 5 To 8


The concept of Smart School project focuses on enhanced interactivity in a classroom using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Multimedia based resources as well as comprehensive development of school in pedagogic and infrastructural context, like availability of proper rooms, network connectivity, security of school premises, maintenance of infrastructure, use of building components in learning, activity based learning etc. Providing for these components will be taken care of in the programme for improvement of educational opportunities and facilities.

Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a leading state level institution for enhancing quality education in state and state level primary and secondary schools.The Upgraded SCERT, now known as the Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT), is a fully-fledged state-level educational institution and is managed and guided by a board of directors as well as an executive committee.

Types of e-learning

  • E-Learning eventuates in many forms and at times is the blend of the following:
  • • Completely online – no vis-a-vis meetings
  • • Mixed Learning – A blend of online and direct communication
  • • Synchronous- the communication between the provider and receiver happen directly as in chat rooms, or video-audio conferencing.
  • • Asynchronous- The information is passed through forums, emails, wikis etc
  • • Self-study
  • • Web-based learning
  • • CD-ROMs
  • • Audio and Visuals

Advantages of e-Learning
1. You are able to link the various resources in several varying formats.
2. It is a very efficient way of delivering courses online.
3. Due to its convenience and flexibility, the resources are available from anywhere and at any time.
4. Everyone, who are part time students or are working full time, can take advantage of web-based learning.
5. Web-based learning promotes active and independent learning.
6. As you have access to the net 24×7, you can train yourself anytime and from anywhere also.
7. It is a very convenient and flexible option; above all, you don’t have to depend on anyone for anything.
8. Not only can you train yourself on a day to day basis, but also on weekends or whenever you have the free time to. There is no hard and fast rule.
9. Through discussion boards and chats, you are able to interact with everyone online and also clear your doubts if any.
10. The video instructions that are provided for audio and video learning can be rewound and seen and heard again and again if you do not happen to understand the topic first time around.The concept of ‘Smart School’ is not only to build ‘Technologically advanced schools’ but also to use the entire environment of learning by integrating the concepts of Pragna – Activity Based Learning (ABL), Computer Aided Learning(CAL) and Building as Learning Aid ( BaLA) using the infrastructure of the school in proper manner for teaching-learning process.

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