Text To Speech is a simple and small app

Text To Speech is a simple and small app

Text To Speech is a simple and small app that helps to convert text and document into speech and save them as audio file. You can use the app for following purposesConvert any text into audio with Text To Speech feature using TTS Functionality

Save converted Text To Speech as audio file
Browse saved audio converted from text using TTS or Text to speech functionalities
Check recent convert text to speech
Convert text to speech from text file
Set audio configuration for text to speech like volume, speed and pitch
No internet connection is required to use this app.

 It is not a text to speech online app. You can access everything without internet.
This app provides 30+ language support for converting text to speech
This includes
  1. * Bengali language to convert Bengali text to speech
  2. * English language to convert English text to speech
  3. * Chinese language to convert Chinese text to speech
  4. * Czech language to convert Czech text to speech
  5. * Danish language to convert Danish text to speech
  6. * Dutch language to convert Dutch text to speech
  7. * Estonian language to convert Estonian text to speech
  8. * Finnish language to convert Finnish text to speech
  9. * French language to convert French text to speech
  10. * Georgian language to convert Georgian text to speech
  11. * German language to convert German text to speech
  12. * Greek language to convert Greek text to speech
  13. * Hindi language to convert Hindi text to speech
  14. * Indian language to convert Indian text to speech
  15. * Hungarian language to convert Hungarian text to speech
  16. * Italian language to convert Italian text to speech
  17. * Japanese language to convert Japanese text to speech
  18. * Khmer language to convert Khmer text to speech
  19. * Korean language to convert Korean text to speech
  20. * Nepali language to convert Nepali text to speech
  21. * Polish language to convert Polish text to speech
  22. * Portuguese language to convert Portuguese text to speech
  23. * Romanian language to convert Romanian text to speech
  24. * Russian language to convert Russian text to speech
  25. * Sinhala language to convert Sinhala text to speech
  26. * Slovak language to convert Slovak text to speech
  27. * Spanish language to convert Spanish text to speech
  28. * Sundanese language to convert Sundanese text to speech
  29. * Swedish language to convert Swedish text to speech
  30. * Thai language to convert Thai text to speech
  31. * Turkish language to convert Turkish text to speech
  32. * Ukranian language to convert Ukranian text to speech
  33. * Vietnamese language to convert Vietnamese text to speech

Using these so many language you can convert your voice to text with the help of this application. It’s produced output is almost close to human voice that feels like a natural reader. It can be used as a voice generator from any text you typed or from file. Besides being a tts reader it is also an ttsmp3 maker app. So use this app and make it happens to read out loud your text.

શિક્ષકોને શિક્ષણ સિવાયની કામગીરીમાં ના જોડવા અંગે થયો ઠરાવ જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Free Translator, Translator AppAll langugae Translator lets you feel comfortable while chatting with peoples in other languages. You can avail yourself of Chat Translator, Keyboard & Dictionary by installing it to your mobile for chatting with people from numerous countries with different languages.
Language Translator can translate to and from Arabic, mainland Chinese, English (US and UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

All Languages Translator helps you understand and learn whatever language you like. English is the most spoken language. It has been the source of communication internationally, and at the same time it’s the official language of more than 60 countries. And it’s the third language of almost every country in the world. So whatever language you want to change into English, then you may install this app.

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Chat Translator Keyboard & Dictionary provides the following detailed features.

The translator App translates any language with into whatever language you choose. Tuber Chat Tanslator, Keyboard translates all languages word by word during chatting with someone, or whenever you use it.
The keyboard is simple and works quickly which can be used by default as well. Its Keyboard is very smooth to be used for chatting, or quick writing purposes.
Direct Chat Tanslator, Keyboard & Dictionary app has been designed with an English Into Eglish Dictionary. It translates any word of English with a detailed meaning and synonyms.

Translate text, photo and voice to any language with ease.

Quickly translates your chat to any language.
Chat translator has above 100+ languages.
Has an English into English Dictionary.
Favourite keyboard for chatting.

An expert translator app that supports free translate for over 100 languages

Free Translate – #1 💥 💥💥New-brand and expert free language translation app. This free language translation app is one of the great inventions of the 21st century. After you use this translation app, you will find that there will be no language barrier between you and your foreign friends, which will be more conducive to your communication and mutual understanding. In such a multilingual world, the use of free translation app is essential.

❗❗❗The main features of this free translator are:

✔Fast text translation
✔More than 100 languages are supported
✔Text translation for online and offline use

🤔 Why choose this free translation app❓

Reason 1: This free translator app is easier to use. 💯
Simply enter the text into the free translator app and select the language translation you need. Then the free translation app will quickly convert your text into the language you want without any stuttering. Use this language translator app to help you convert or translate over 100 languages of the world.

Use this free translation app to speed up the process of making friends and trading with people abroad. The text input conversion feature of the free translation app is very useful for people who cannot write and understand another language. All you have to do is paste the text the other person sent you into this professional binary translator app and select your specific language. Then what you need to do is wait for the language translation result of the translator. Creators don’t think that’s a difficult thing to do.

Reason 2: This free translation app can translate a wider variety of languages and translation is more accurate. 💯

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