Gujarrat Gay Sahay Yojana 2021

Gay Sahay Form 2021 : Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat Form 2021:

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana : Gay Sahay Form 2021 : Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat Form The Government of Gujarat has implemented many schemes for farmers in 2020. Under this scheme, a farmer doing cow-based farming gets Rs. 900 per month. The scheme of giving assistance has been implemented. Under this, all the farmers who do cow based farming get Rs 900 per month from the Gujarat government.

About Of Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana :

Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana : Gujarat government has placed the burden on natural farming in 2020-21. Natural farming means low cost farming by cow dung and cow urine of the native cow, rather than bringing out the necessary materials for the growth of baking, making it by natural method itself. Simply put, do not bring khatar and bij bahar for farming, instead of doing indigenous natural farming yourself.

ગુજરાત પશુપાલન સહાય ની દરેક યોજનાની માહિતી માટે : અહી ક્લિક કરો

Important documents for Gay Sahay Yojana :

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. 8-A copy
  3. Bank passbook
  4. Cancellation check if bank passbook is not there
  5. Cow identification mark number
  6. Consent form of the other account holder if the owner of the land is joint

How To Apply Online In Cow Sahay Yojana :

  1. In cow based farming Sahay Yojana, the application has to be done online or through a computer operator.
  2. After applying online, the beneficiary will have to take a print out of the application and put the right or thumb impression on that print along with the above mentioned documents and submit it to the Kheri of the village servant, BTM or project director of the SEJ
  3. The beneficiary has to send all the documents added with the print of the application by putting a right or thumb impression.

Objective Of Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana :

  1. Gay Aadharit Kheti Sahay Yojana The main objective of farming is to increase the proof of natural farming in the state of Gujarat.
  2. To increase the storage capacity of the land by using indigenous Khatar made from cow dung and urine of indigenous cow rather than using Rashayanik Khatar.
  3. Promote the fruitfulness and culinary production of the land.
  4. Take more production for less cost.
  5. To improve the economic condition of farmers.
  6. Improvement in production and increase in prices.
  7. Rescue the water.

Benefits from Cow Based Farming Assistance Scheme :

  1. Under the Cow Based Farming Sahay Yojana, all farmers who cultivate natural farming from indigenous cows are given Rs. 900 per month. Financial assistance of Rs.
  2. Under cow-based farming Sahay Yojana, farmers doing natural farming from cow will get Rs 10800 per year. The financial assistance of the bank will be given directly in the bank account of the farmer.
  3. By cultivating natural farming, the farmer will get more production at less cost.
  4. Due to natural farming, the land of the farmer will be fruitful and the proof of production will increase.

Eligibility of farmer beneficiary for cow based farming assistance scheme :

  1. The beneficiary farmer should have a country cow with identification mark while applying.
  2. The beneficiary farmer should be doing his farming from the native cow.
  3. Foreign cow holder farmers will not get the benefit of this scheme.
  4. Under this scheme, only one beneficiary will get benefit on one account number.
  5. The beneficiary farmer must have trained with the master trainer of agriculture or natural farming.

Gay Sahay Form 2021 : Gay Sahay Yojana Gujarat Form :

Who can avail the benefit If the farmer seeking the benefit of the scheme is eligible, the applicant farmer should have a native cow with identification tag at the time of application and should be doing natural farming with his dung urine or the benefit will be available after doing natural farming.

 Currently, farmers engaged in natural agriculture and master trainers prepared after training in natural agriculture will be given priority in the approval if they meet the eligibility criteria.

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